We are a school lunch provider specializing in high quality, local and sustainable meals for schools and child care centers in Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

Fly Girl Fly was started by a group of mission driven individuals in search of a better lunch program for their own students and children. All of our founding Chefs and Administrators either come directly from careers in schools or we come from Careers working in other school catering programs. In both cases we bring to the table an understanding of the ways school lunch could be better. We know frustratingly well how low quality and bad service seem to be the standard for all Chicago lunch programs, even ones claiming to be organic or high end. 

We've come together at Fly Girl Fly to create something better. Better Service for the schools, Better for for Kids, A Better School Lunch Program.

Our kitchen is driven towards the empowerment of women and investing towards their advancement in working all working fields, especially culinary arts.

Our organization is managed by, staffed by, owned by, and operated by almost all women. As such, We admire and support the endeavors of other like us striving to fulfill the their potential. We've been fortunate to fulfill our dreams with FlyGirlFly and for this reason we've partnered our other organizations with missions female empowerment  and girls to help them too fulfill their dreams.