Our Service

We know what an awful feeling it is to deal with an unresponsive and unreliable lunch service. Meals that arrive late, never match the menu, and cause the day . FlyGirlFly was our answer to experiencing those frustrations first hand. We wanted to create something better, something students and teachers could rely on, and thats what we did. 

Our customer service is exceptional. For our program to work, it needs to be. Our products are made from scratch daily and our Specialty Diets require extra steps of protection. We have no choice but operate within procedures that keep our kitchen running smoothly and our delivery program operating with consistency. Should adjustments ever be required, our school representative and always readily on hand to help whenever they may be needed.

We designed our program to do what we do well. We are not all things to all people, and we only partner with schools who we are confident we can provide a better service to than they would find any place else