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Welcome to Fly Girl Fly!  

A natural and organic school lunch program, serving healthier and tastier meals to Chicagoland schools and daycares.


  Click HERE to learn all about our school catering program, and the inspiration behind our mission.


Our Meals

We make all of our meals completely from scratch, and we do it using only fresh and natural ingredients. Our recipes are designed to give children the nutrition they need and the deliciousness they deserve.

Click HERE to learn how we create a school lunch.

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Our Ingredients

We know the difference fresh and natural ingredients make in a meal. It’s a difference you can see in every meal we serve.


From the vegetables in our pasta salads to the chicken in our cheesy baked enchilada, every ingredient we use is sourced to match the quality expected from a lunch program like ours.   

Our Community

We are tremendously grateful to the farmers and food hubs who have helped make our program possible.

Showing our support to them is an important part of our mission.


Click HERE to see how Fly Girl Fly supports its community.

Interested in improving your school's lunch program?

Call or email us connect with our friendly school lunch coordinators!

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