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Better Ingredients for Better Food

When it comes to making great meals, we follow a pretty simple formula. We make all of our food from scratch, and we do it using only high quality, natural ingredients. This ensures we are serving the healthiest meals with the freshest taste.

Delicious for Kids

Healthy food is only good for kids if it taste good enough to eat. Lucky for us, our meals are Delicious!  

And that's no accident...

Our menu planning process takes everything we know about what kids want and combines it with an  elaborate junior taste testing process, making sure every meal we serve  is one kids will love!

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Accessible to Everyone!

Food allergies are more common than ever. We know first hand the challenges they can cause during meal planning.

At Fly Girl Fly, we don't want anyone to miss out! Our vegetarian and special diet alternatives are delicious!

We pre-plan all specialty options to be as similar as possible to the standard options for that day, ensuring everyone feels included.

Sustainably Good, with none of the Bad

Every ingredient we use comes from local organic suppliers and is sourced to us directly from regional farmers.

We avoid using  processed foods in all our meals, along with all other additives such as hormones, pesticides, GMOS, and preservatives. We take great care prioritizing  the premier quality of our ingredients,  creating better nutrition and better flavors in every meal we serve.

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