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Our Story

Fly Girl Fly started with a small circle of educators in search of a better lunch program. When we couldn't find one, we set out to create it ourselves. We designed our ideal version of a school lunch program where the food was actually good,  every meal was made fresh, from scratch, and every ingredient was all natural.

When we combined this simple mission with our talented team and our beautiful kitchen, Fly Girl Fly was born!

Our kitchen is a dream come true for everyone who is a part of it! We're so tremendously proud of what it's become and can't wait for more students and schools like yours to experience the difference in our lunch program.

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Our Beautiful Kitchen

Originally a locomotive barn for the Illinois Central Rail Road, our building was converted into a commercial bakery in the 1940s, before eventually becoming the commercial kitchen it is today.

While it's still full of historical charm, it's also now equipped with every modern amenity we could ask for, along with plenty of space to experiment and grow.

Our Dream Team

Fly Girl Fly is  proud to be  a  100% women owned, women managed, and women run company!

It's also made up of the very best crew we could have ever hoped to work with. As a mission driven organization, we're only able to succeed because we all share the same goals. Everyone at Fly Girl Fly shares a passion for creating  better food for kids. 

The more our team has grown, the more that passion has grown with them. We can't wait to see what we will all create together as our mission continues to succeed. 

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