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Our Story

Fly Girl Fly started with a small team of educators in search of a better lunch program. When they couldn't find one, they set out to create it themselves. 

Our program was started with a simple mission; create healthy meals, that parents are happy to see and children are excited to eat.

Operating out of a spectacular kitchen with an amazing team, Fly Girl Fly has become a sophisticated, high-standards school catering program. With an ever growing team of partners, friends and opportunities, we believe our program has already made an impact on the culture of healthy meals. All of us are tremendously proud of what the program has become, and can't wait for more schools and students to experience our meals. 

FGF kitchen.JPG

Our Beautiful Kitchen

Originally a locomotive barn for the Illinois Central Rail Road, our building was converted into a commercial bakery in the 1940s, before eventually becoming the the commercial kitchen it is today.

While it still has all its historical charm, its also now equipped with every modern amenity we could ask for with plenty of space to experiment and grow.

Fly GIRL Fly

Fly Girl Fly is  proud to be a 100% women owned, women managed, and women run company company!

Also, all of us have young women in our lives we're hoping to set a good example for. They're the inspiration for our name, and the motivation behind out mission.

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