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Community Garden
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Our Community

We love that we get to create great food every day and we know it's only possible because we have great partners.

The support we receive from the farmers and growers who source our program are the only reason we are able to do what we do.


Fly Girl Fly is proud to show its support for them by directly sponsoring and investing in the same farm programs who supply our organic ingredients.


All of our suppliers are locally owned,  

community minded, and direct sponsors of Chicago area farmers


Fly Girl Fly is a member of  several CSA programs, each one offering direct financial support to a small farm in our community

CSA Partners

This farm was our first direct partnership. 

They have been a great friend to Fly Girl Fly from the very beginning

VBS Farms

Looking towards the future

Our program is growing and we're looking to partner with local mission oriented farms and food hubs. If you work with or know of any midwest organic suppliers in the market for direct distribution, please let us know. We'd be very excited to meet them!

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